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Imagine no more past-due property taxes, no underwater mortgage, no costly repairs, and no maintenance – just cash in your pocket and the freedom from your unwanted house!  Aniya Equity can help you get there!

Sell Your House Fast

We buy any house in Tennessee and Kentucky. If you are looking to sell your house, Aniya Equity is here to help.  We provide solutions for homeowners and property owners who need to sell their house for any reason – no questions asked. We want to help you get the burdens of homeownership off your back.

We charge no expensive broker commissions, no fees, require no inspection, and no cleaning. Our experienced real estate professionals want to buy your house, as-is, and put money in your pocket fast. We will help walk you through the process from initial consultation, to an offer on your house, all the way through paying off your existing mortgage and taxes to closing. In every house, we buy our main objective is making the process as fast and easy on our clients as possible so they can sell their home for cash. Contact Aniya Equity today to find out how we can help you sell your house in as little as a week!

Sell Your House

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We have a solution for any homeownership problem. Aniya Equity’s seasoned pros will work hard to launch you into financial freedom by paying cash for your house.  Our clients are local Tennessee and Kentucky homeowners, many right here in our hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee, who need to sell their house fast.  We help everyday people in and with relocation through PCS orders, paying overdue property taxes, distressed landlords cash-out, retirees and empty-nesters looking to downsize and new families who want to move into a better neighborhood.  Or maybe you have an accepted offer on a new home contingent on the sale of your home, but you can’t find a buyer through traditional listings and brokers. Whatever the reason, Aniya Equity will buy your house fast!

Even if you want to stay in your home but need additional money for any reason, we have a solution for you! Aniya Equity may buy your house and then rent it back to you so you can get a lump sum of cash in your pocket without even having to lose your home! No matter what your situation is, Aniya Equity is committed to helping you find a solution. Our experienced professionals are experts in solving any homeownership problem.

When Aniya Equity buys your home there are no outrageous broker commissions, no added expenses like appraisals and cleaning fees, and no need to make costly repairs. We specialize in buying houses that need some extra work and love putting a little “elbow-grease” into our Kentucky and Tennessee homes. Our sole goal is to help our clients sell their unwanted homes, for any reason!  Save thousands by selling to Aniya Equity and get cash in your pocket fast.


Homeowners aren’t the only people we help – we’ll buy property across any asset class!  Our team has years of experience valuing and buying unused land ripe for development in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Why pay property taxes on land that you don’t use and brings in no income?  Our experienced real estate professionals can help you turn your empty land into cash that you can use to pay off debt, retire, take a vacation, invest in income-producing, appreciating assets, or anything else you can imagine – the possibilities are endless!

If you have an unused lot but don’t know what to do with it, sell it to Aniya Equity and let us put your empty land to use.

Commercial Properties

The recent economic downturn hasn’t just hurt restaurants and retailers.  Commercial property owners have taken a beating, with many retail and office spaces defaulting on their leases as an office, restaurant, and retail tenants have been unable to pay their rent. Recent work-from-home trends have exacerbated the struggle to pay rent by shifting workers away from offices, driving up commercial vacancy rates to multi-year highs. With no end in sight, commercial and retail incomes may not recover soon.

Don’t be stuck holding the bill, unable to pay expenses on your property; Aniya Equity buys commercial properties, too!  Our expert team is more than happy to take your underperforming commercial property off your hands and put cash in your pocket.  Don’t risk losing it all while the market underperforms and vacancy rates skyrocket. Instead, call Aniya Equity and let one of our experienced team members give you a no-obligation consultation!


While commercial tenants are struggling to pay their rents, residential landlords are hurting the most. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, and rental payments have dropped. Meanwhile, government agencies from the local to federal level have placed a moratorium on evictions. We also want tenants to be able to stay in their homes but understand that without rental income landlords may be unable to adequately maintain their properties while paying their own commercial and personal mortgage.

Guess what? Aniya Equity wants to help you, too! We will buy your struggling multi-family or single-family rental properties in Kentucky and Tennessee for cash, fast!  Don’t let the recent international economic recession bankrupt your business and family.  Aniya Equity can help you cash-out, pay off debt, and be free to make new investments when the market recovers!  We are even willing to work out Seller Financing arrangements, so you get a higher net return on the sale of your property.


If you are looking for a clean, modern, affordable place to live in a great Tennessee or Kentucky neighborhood then Aniya Equity has a home for you!  Part of being a sustainable, responsible real estate investor is not letting our properties go unoccupied.  In fact, the best way to make sure that our houses remain the best in the industry is to ensure they are occupied at all times.  We are always looking for high-quality tenants like yourself to live in our recently updated homes!

Aniya Equity owns properties in Clarksville, Tennessee for families on any budget. We have homes all over Tennessee and Kentucky for families at all stages of growth: big families, new families, retirees, and more! Our properties are renovated and well-maintained with modern amenities and responsive management. We buy any house in Tennessee or Kentucky. Aniya Equity believes that it is a team-effort keeping our neighborhoods and communities nice, so we work with our tenants to keep their homes up-to-date and in good, clean condition. When we work as a team, you have a great place to call home, the neighborhood remains a nice place to live and Aniya Equity remains the proud owners of the best homes in Clarksville, Tennessee!

If you are looking for a modern, clean, affordable home in Clarksville, Tennessee, or Kentucky then fill out our rental form.  One of our real estate professionals will contact you with a variety of options in great neighborhoods that meet your needs.

Seller Financing

If you are worried about real estate values being too low to sell in Tennessee and Kentucky, then contact us about our Seller Financing options. Aniya Equity understands that recent economic volatility has wreaked havoc on real estate values. That’s why we are willing to work with owners who want to self-finance the sale to get a higher return and overall value out of their home but don’t need a lump-sum right away.

Seller financing offers a steady stream of income to homeowners and property owners by paying off the property in installments with interest. The interest payments allow you, the seller and financer, to collect a higher total amount for your property than if we paid you an up-front cash payment.  So, if you need a steady stream of retirement, passive, and/or second income talk to Aniya Equity today! We will buy your Seller Financed property in Kentucky or Tennessee and provide you a steady source of passive income and the highest return on your property for years to come.

About Us

We believe community enrichment begins with you.

Aniya Equity is a neighborhood real estate investment company headquartered in Clarksville, Tennessee. We believe in “Doing Well by Doing Good”; we strive to provide value to all of the stakeholders in each and every home we buy, from the seller to the neighborhood, community, and cities where we invest.  Part of being a responsible real estate investor is the recognition that we don’t do well unless our communities are thriving.  That’s why from day one Aniya Equity has been committed to providing exceptional value to our clients, neighbors, communities, employees, and stakeholders through sustainable investment in our communities, one house at a time.

Throughout our years buying houses, Aniya Equity has learned that the most important aspect of our business is helping our clients. That’s why we go into each transaction as if we were helping our own family sell their home. That means fair offers, the option to stay in your home post-sale, debt-repayment assistance, seller financing options, and more, for each and every client. We want to make the process as fast, easy, and as stress-free as possible. If you are looking to sell your house in Tennessee or Kentucky, give us a call so we can walk you through how easy it can be to sell your home to Aniya Equity. We buy any house in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Buy any house in Tennessee

We Want to Hear from You

Are you a Clarksville, Tennessee resident?  A local government official in Kentucky or Tennessee looking for a neighborhood investment partner?  Have a large project that you want to team up on?  Or are you a client who wants to tell us how we did?  We want to hear from you!

We love hearing from our neighbors and community partners.  Aniya Equity wants to hear your comments, ideas, testimonials, feedback, and proposals.  If you’re looking for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our real estate investment professionals or want to leave us a note please contact us using the Contact Us form and we will be in touch soon!

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We Buy Any House in Clarksville TN

We know community enrichment begins with you.

Whether you’re relocating through PCS orders, ready to downsize, or facing financial hardship, our professionals can explain your relocation options. Did you inherit a property with no intention of utilizing it? Let us pay you for it and use the opportunity to continue growth in our community.

Empty nesters, ready to take the next step in life? Allow our team to show you how easy it is to sell your property.

Don’t go anywhere! We will buy your home, even if you aren’t ready to move. You may be able to stay as long as you’d like

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We buy any house in Clarksville

We Help With:

– Cash for Homes
– Relocation Through PCS Orders
– Property Tax Costs
– Mortgage Debt
– Empty Nesters
– Growing Families
– Downsizing
– Retirees
– Unused Property Owners
– Absentee Owners
– Empty Lots
– Multi-family Properties
– Underperforming Commercial Properties
– Distressed Landlords
– Seller Financing
– Renters looking for a great place to call home
– Property owners in Kentucky and Tennessee

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We Buy Homes In:

Big Rock TN
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Cumberland City TN
Palmyra TN
Bumpus Mills TN
Dover TN
Tennessee Ridge TN
Cunningham TN
Erin TN
Clarksville TN
Stewart TN
Cumberland Furnace TN
Vanleer TN
Ashland City TN
Sango TN
Fredonia TN
Hickory Point TN
Hilldale TN
Cumberland City TN
Lafayette TN
Macon TN
Indian Mound TN
Westmoreland TN
Southside TN
Slayden TN
Oakridge TN
Atkins TN
Port Royal TN
Adams TN
Pleasant View TN
Cedar Hill TN
Chapmansboro TN
Springfield TN
Coopertown TN
St Bethlehem TN
Cross Plains TN
Nashville TN
Hendersonville TN
Old Hickory TN
Green Hill TN
Madison TN
Mr Juliet TN
Gallatin TN
Hartsville TN
Youngville TN
Orlinda TN
Tiny Town TN
New Providence TN
Herndon KY
Oak Grove KY
Hopkinsville KY
Pembroke KY
Gracey KY
Cadiz KY
New Concord KY
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Elkton KY
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