The sale to Aniya Equity was the easiest sale I ever experienced. They contacted me about property I might have in my possession and asked if I would be willing to sell. After a few short conversations, we agreed on a price at Franklin St property, and completed transaction within 30 days. Fast and easy

Hunter Burney

I’m very thankful Aniya Equity is going to something useful with the lot we had in KY. We planned to do something with it, but could never get around to it. Can’t believe how easy they were to work with. And friendly too. Highly recommend Aniya Equity.

Robert D.

Very easy to sell your property. You owe it to yourself to give Chris a chance to make your life little easier. Chris is very easy to get a long with, and makes the process  easy.

John Chapman

Chris, Very easy to work with. Good conversation and just an all around good person.

Sean Cardell